Commercial offer

Lorry-Rail is responsible for developing, promoting and operating the new rail-road link service between Luxembourg and Perpignan.

  • Lorry-Rail provides a cost-efficient and reliable transport service. It is a time saving alternative compared to road transportation. A perfect service for Transport operators willing to make their transport flows through France more efficient. 

Lorry-Rail: the rail-road link service carrying semi trailers and operating seven days a week, even on Sundays and Bank Holidays when access to French motorways is strictly forbidden to trucks.

Lorry-Rail provides a transport service:

Fast : Journey through France in one night only!

The train and railcars are based on the Modalohr technology which has already been experienced since 2003 and has proved successful. Furthermore, r ail service reliability and punctuality is ensured thanks to secured track time slots.

Besides the cost and time saving compared to road transportation, the rail-road link provides the possibility to load and carry 44 tons trailers.

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By choosing Lorry-Rail:
- you reduce your costs
- you improve your delivery time
- and you commit to sustainable development

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