Lorry-Rail offers so many benefits...

With Lorry-Rail you will increase your turnover

Operating on Sundays and bank holidays (PDF, 542Kb) - and carrying 44 tons semi trailers (PDF, 1052Kb) - will attract your customers.

These benefits concern not only the French departments resumed on the map but also the whole Benelux territory (Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg).

Using this alternative to road enables to highlight environmental actions in the communication of firms that want to commit to sustainable development.

With Lorry-Rail you will save money compared to the same journey by road.

  • No toll any more
  • No lorry driver expenses
  • No fuel consumption
  • No pneumatic tire wear and tear
  • Decreasing overhaul expenditure and increasing trailer shelf life
  • Decreasing insurance rates

All semi trailers with standard European size are allowed on the rail-road link; thus no further specific investment is required.

Furthermore, this rail service offers secured transport flows and enables a safe journey through France, even if bad weather or traffic jams obstruct roads.

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