Railcars and terminals have been designed to be fitted to the semi trailer transport by rail. We use the Modalohr technology. A train is made up of 20 special Modalohr railcars, each one able to carry 2 standard unaccompanied semi trailers (that is to say a capacity of 40 semi trailers by train).

Technology reliability

LORRY-RAIL has bought 45 Modalohr NA-type articulated railcars. The Modalohr technology has been successfully experienced on the Aiton-Orbassano rail-road link since 2003. The system has proved its reliability and enables very fast loading and loading operations.
Thus, Lorry-Rail guarantees reliability of the technology and of equipments whatever the season, even during winter.

Easy loading and unloading

These opening systems consist of simple, tried and tested, reliable components.

They are controlled from ground level by operating personnel who monitor the truck transhipment operations.

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