Lorry-Rail is the rail-road link operator. Its mission consists of developing, promoting and marketing the new rail-road service for standard unaccompanied semi trailers.

This multimodal transport service is based on the Modalohr technology whose reliability has already been successfully experienced on the rail-road link Aiton-Orbassano since 2003.

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A finest service:

Up to 8 trains will be running by night (4 in each way), thus enabling a first carry over from motorways to rail. In the future, the frequency will be increased and other rail-road links will be launched in order to offer this intermodal service to a greater number of transport operators (today up to 48 places per trip).

Rail service operating 7 days a week, even on Sundays and Bank Holidays when access to French motorways is strictly forbidden to lorries.

44 tons semi trailers are allowed which enables a weight increase of 17% compared to maximum authorized 40 tons.

Trains will be running on the Bettembourg - Perpignan route by night.

The main services are available on line :

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If you ask for, Lorry-Rail will help you to get in contact with other transport operators for more coordination to carry freight to/from terminal.

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